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7 Band Essay Samples


7 Band Essay Samples

Nowadays more people are living by themselves. What are the reasons for this? Will this have a negative or a positive impact on the society?

Pace of change has quickened in the recent past and as a result of this our social behaviours have also undergone sea change and in the modern world living alone is a trend and not an aberration any more.

There are many reasons as to why people live alone , the first reason is the freedom individual desires , because in the modern world individualism is respected and is shown to be the ideal by our media who name it as empowerment and life without any boundaries.

Second reason is the development of communications technology which blurs the boundaries between real and virtual , for example we are connected with all our friends with social media such as face book, this kind of connections makes us believe that we know all about our friends and family , therefore, disconnection with real world is not actually felt.

In my view, people living individually will have a bad impact on the society, as there are many disadvantages of living alone, first of all people would not have any social support network because they live alone and in case of any help needed by them, it will not be forthcoming, furthermore, it also promotes sadness because as the age advances people begin to feel void and emptiness which can only be filled by other humans, but since they live alone, it increases, and gives rise to loneliness and sadness leading to diseases such as depression etc.

To conclude, I would like to state that we should try be as social as we can because joys of life are to experienced together and if we continue to live alone , a day might come that will damage the entire social structure of our society beyond repair.

Some people think that our behaviour, customs and traditions are no longer relevant, and have to change due to the influence of modern ways of life. Do you agree or disagree? Include any relevant examples in your response.

Humankind has progressed rapidly in all walks of life especially science in the past few decades and because of this our lifestyle and social values have also changed. In this changed social phenomena our many traditions and customs have lost meaning but in my opinion there are some benefits of traditional customs and behavior as well , hence this issues should discussed from different view points before reaching any conclusion.

The customs and traditions help us preserve identity and uniqueness of a culture and this is important so that we have diversity in the human race for example if everyone started wearing jeans and discard all other traditional form of clothing, it will be too boring and our future generations will also totally forget about our beautiful costumes and glorious past. Hence traditions are important to keep us connected with our past.

On the other hand, since we have changed so much in the recent times that certain rituals and behavior are no longer relevant and it’s a good idea not to follow them for example tradition of animal sacrifice which continued since time immemorial is not acceptable in the modern world. Therefore, the traditions which do not serve us well should not be followed at all.

It is therefore, clear from the above discussion that traditions and our behavior have advantages and disadvantages as well and in my opinion to follow them blindly or to simply reject all of the is not ideal solution, instead we should carefully evaluate the traditions in the light of our knowledge and requirements of present time and follow the ones that are still beneficial to us while rejecting the others.

Some people believe that a vertical city in which people work and live in tall buildings is a good idea. Others say that horizontal living is better. Discuss both views and express your opinion.

Population growth on our planet has necessitated the requirement for more living space for humans and this has put pressure on the limited supply of available land and consequently it is increasingly becoming scarce. Hence, there is a debate as to whether its more desirable to live in tall buildings to save space or should we utilize the land in traditional manner i.e. horizontally. In my view, considering the requirements of present day living and future, we should choose vertical living in order to save space for the future generations and to meet their requirements.

First of all living in tall buildings is the modern day necessity because we are increasingly moving towards urbanization resulting in more concentration of population in cities. This metropolitan culture is the result of increasing population and employment opportunities available in cities. Furthermore, since this trend is likely to continue, we should prefer tall buildings as it will help in saving space for our future needs.

Furthermore, horizontal expansion of urban space is not desirable because it consumes the precious resource of land thus putting pressure on entire eco system in the form of reduced agricultural land and pollution for example if cities just keep on expanding horizontally we would not be left with any land for agriculture and it also increases travel time because typically businesses are situated in one particular area of city hence horizontal cities increase travel time greatly as well resulting in more vehicular pollution.

To summarize, it is quite clear that vertical buildings in cities has many advantages in the form of land saving, less deforestation and pollution , therefore, in my opinion is more appropriate in present day context and should definitely be preferred over horizontal living.

In today’s world it is private companies rather than governments who pay for and carry out most scientific research. Do the advantages outweigh any disadvantages?

For betterment of human race scientific research in necessary and now a days private companies as well as governments carry scientific research , government generally has no financial agenda while private companies are profit driven, thus fuelling the argument that whether research done by corporations is actually has more advantages. In my opinion role of government and industry should be inclusive rather than competing with each other.

The government is usually too occupied with its many agendas and is also mostly short of funds for scientific research, this is a particularly true of developing nation such as ours, for example our government is overwhelmed with lots of problems of basic necessities such as providing clean water& health care etc., therefore it becomes a particularly challenging task to allocate funds for scientific research because it seems like a gamble and has no immediate tangible benefits.

The end result is neglect of scientific research and potential long term loss of the scientific reward which could have translated itself in a huge payoff, had the funds been allocated to scientific research by government. Obviously in above situation private research is a better choice.

However, the approach of relying solely on private companies is also flawed because private companies carry out research driven solely by the profit motive. Furthermore, they may also ignore research areas, which though vital to society, have little commercial application or have negative profit and expense bias. Therefore, vital areas in need of research would be neglected hence, government has to do scientific research in such areas.

Therefore, to conclude I would suggest of having a balanced approach where both government and private companies should collectively work and support scientific research for the benefit of its nationals and the human race.

Some people claim that public museums and art galleries will not be needed because people can see historical objects and works of art by using a computer. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

Art is the most beautiful visual form of human expression. Even before language had developed in the Stone Age, humans communicated by drawing pictures using sticks and stones on the walls. Till date, it remains one of the most intimate forms of art. With the advent of technology however, people have started using computers to view these pieces of art. In my humble opinion, the percentage of such people is not much and people will continue to visit public museums and art galleries.

Art is all about creative human expression. Since time immemorial, people have found not just a voice via their art form, but also a form of catharsis. It is visually appealing, pleasing to the senses and a product of not just the creator’s imagination but sample of hard work and ultimate devotion. Resources like time and energy are well spent while creating such pieces and people visit art galleries to admire the handicraft with their own naked eyes.

Intimacy is established between any two elements when they’re right in front of each other. Even though in this era of technology, anything and everything is just a mouse-click away, there is nothing intimate and personal about viewing something behind a glass screen. Not only does the object being viewed feel alien, but many intricate details and craftwork goes unnoticed and hence unappreciated.

A visit to the public galleries and art museums with friends and family also serve as a bonding factor for people. People having similar interests are able to meet up in such places, interact, and exchange information and bond over their love for art. Since every person has their own thought process, it offers an opportunity to discuss various interpretations of the same art form.

Advancement in technology has its own benefits for art. While it helps the galleries and museums to come up with newer and efficient ways to preserve pieces of art, it can never replace the intimacy it offers to another individual who is able to relate to the artist’s expressions of its ideas, which is only possible with a personal visit to the place that houses these pieces of art.

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